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Accessibility Services


Accessibility Services

Advocating for an accessible learning environment for all students at Red Deer Polytechnic.


If you are a Canadian student with a documented, permanent disability and in a course or program that is Student Aid eligible, you may be eligible for grants designed to assist you with education and living costs and exceptional education-related costs such as assistive services or equipment.


  • Complete an Alberta Student Aid application.
  • Meet with an Accessibility Coordinator at Red Deer Polytechnic to discuss the grants associated with both Canada Student Loans and Alberta Student Aid.
  • Submit appropriate documentation to Accessibility Services at Red Deer Polytechnic so that appropriate recommendations for services and technology can be made, and so the Coordinator can sign Student Aid's Schedule 4 that will recommend eligibility for grants.

Student Connect Centre

The Student Connect Centre is a one-stop-shop for information regarding financial support and resources, program information, general academic advising and student records.

The Student Connect Centre is located in room 1102.

t: 403.342.3254 | f: 403.342.3262 | e:

Reduced Course Load

Students with permanent disabilities taking between 40% and 59% of a full-time course load may choose to apply for either full-time or part-time student aid.

  • Full-Time (reduced course load 40%-59%)
  • Part-Time (20-59% of a full course load)

Alberta Works Reduced Course Load

Students funded through Alberta Works who are unable to attend on a full-time basis due to their disability may be able to apply for full-time learner benefits while taking a minimum of a 40% course load. Contact Alberta Works for more information.