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Writing Skills Tutoring

Free writing skills tutoring for RDP students.

Revise, Edit, & Proofread

Writing is only half the battle! Learn how to revise, edit, and proofread what you've written.

Revising Essays & Research Papers
Checklist with guiding questions and suggestions for improving your draft. From U of C Writing Support Services.

Clear and concise list from the University of Ottawa Academic Writing Help Centre. Helpful checklist format with a great section on citations.

Reverse Outlines
What's a reverse outline? This recommended technique to check your paper's organization is explained by the Writing Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Writing Concisely
Clear, concise writing communicates your message the best. Great tips from the U of A Centre for Writers on finding and eliminating unnecessary words in your writing.

The final step. Learn how to proofread and find the errors you may be missing. From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hemingway Editor
This free, online editing app will check your writing for readability, clarity, and conciseness. Paste part or all of your essay here to get suggestions for improvement.

Formatting Guidelines

What should your title page look like? Do you need to bold your title? Where do the page numbers go? How do you format your References/Works Cited/Bibliography page? Answers to all these questions and more in the citation-specific formatting guidelines below:

APA 7th Edition Student Paper Setup Guide

Chicago 17th Edition Essay Formatting Guidelines

MLA 9th Edition Formatting Your Research Project