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Topics & Examples

Outcome: Differentiate between different kinds of authority and choose the appropriate authority for the context.



Evaluating Basics

appropriate resource type for assignment purpose; evaluation models (e.g. CRAAP test); indicators of authority and credibility
Scholarly vs. Popular Information scholarly vs. popular information; key indicators of scholarly works
Peer-Review Basics peer-reviewed search limiters; general purpose processes of peer-review; indicators of peer-reviewed works
Evaluating Advanced self-bias and confirmation bias, questioning authority, limitations of checklist approaches to evaluation (e.g. CRAAP test), fact-checking or lateral searching, discipline-specific indicators of authority
Peer-Review Advanced indicators of poor peer-review practices, limitations of peer-review, retracted articles
The Publishing Industry authority of published information, limitations of formal publishing, self-publishing, informal publishing
Note: Outcomes and supporting material informed by and based on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.