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Topics & Examples

Outcome: Exemplify ethical choices in the use of information.
Information Ethics

Topics Include


definition of plagiarism; indicators of plagiarism; consequences of plagiarism; academic integrity
Citation Basics citation elements; discipline specific expectations (e.g. paraphrasing vs quoting); citations for common types of works; in-text citations
Citation Advanced “franken-references” by combining rules (from different sources and interpretations); citations for more complex types of works; identify types of sources from citations; citation generators and managers
Copyright Basics purpose of copyright; fair-dealing; indicators of copyrighted works; attribution and attribution builders
Creative Commons purpose of creative commons; indicators of creative commons works; creative commons sources; creative commons licensing
Copyright Advanced copyright holder vs creator; permission seeking; copyright legislation; creator rights
Note: Outcomes and supporting material informed by and based on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.