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Counselling Services


Counselling Services

Counselling services and supports are inclusive, confidential, and available to all Red Deer Polytechnic students free of charge.

RD Polytech Podcast

Red Deer Polytechnic is a community of learners. Within this community are people who have expertise that can help us all live a better life. The information in the COPE Podcasts comes from the very capable and learned people of Red Deer Polytechnic. This project invites staff and students to share their expertise for the betterment of all.

The COPE Podcasts are short conversations that will help students cope with the unique pressures and challenges of life as a college student. A podcast format was purposely chosen to deliver information precisely because of the episodic nature of this digital platform. The adoption of a podcast format embraces a digital modality while celebrating the art of conversation. There is a common thread throughout the series of podcasts: that there are people here who can help, and you need not feel alone. This emphasis on practicality may encourage you to see that the work that goes on in the counselling services area is practical, useful, and without stigma. 

The Cope Podcasts aim to:
  • Reduce stigma around mental health and wellness information through education and conversation.
  • Enhance resilience, retention, academic achievement, and completion rates in students.
  • Increase accessibility through building online services available to Red Deer Polytechnic students.



Mind Full Podcast

Listen to the Mind Full podcast.

The Canadian Psychological Association's podcast speaks with experts across Canada and the world on a variety of subjects. Some of interest to the general public, some of interests to Canadian psychologists, and some both.