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Research Common


Research Common

Information on conducting original research and on the supports available for research at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Choosing a Publisher

Books are a common location for publishing longer research projects and in some disciplines. Following are some resources to help you get started with choosing a publisher and writing a book:

Open Access Books

Open Access (OA) refers to scholarly literature that is freely available on the Internet. These resources are sustained by the academic and scientific communities that produce them. Read more...

Here are some resources to get you started with Open Access books:

Avoiding Vanity & Predatory Publishers

Predatory, or questionable, publishers are publishers that follow unethical and sometimes deceptive publishing practices. Read more...

Here are some resources to help you figure out whether the publisher you are considering is questionable:

Author Rights and Copyright

Copyright ensures that you have the sole right to publish and reproduce your works in any form, with the exception of the user rights granted by the Copyright Act (e.g. fair dealing, educational exemption).

You do not need to apply for copyright for the works you create. Whenever you create an original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, copyright automatically applies. While it is common practice as part of the publishing process to sign over your copyright to the publisher, creators are starting to ask for the option to retain some or all of their copyrights.

Here are some resources to get you thinking about copyright and your rights as an author.