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Research Common


Research Common

Information on conducting original research and on the supports available for research at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Five Year Research Plans at RDP

Five year research plans at Red Deer Polytechnic do not need to follow a specific format. However, there is some information that should be included:

  • Faculty Intro (Who You Are, Areas of Expertise – short paragraph)
  • Statement of Research Areas with Research – short paragraph and may include:
    • Questions/Topics/Projects (short list, broad brush strokes)
    • Research Objectives (overarching) and Methods as applicable
    • Significance – Why it Matters (this may not be needed and is normally part of a specific project)
  • Scholarly Services – Optional – Highlights of Scholarly Service Connected to Research (e.g. editing journal)
  • Timeline  (narrative, chart, other formats) - may include:
    •  possible funding
    • collaborations
    •  planned/anticipated outputs (where will you publish and present – type if not specific, not binding as cannot control acceptance)

Here are some samples of plans that have been created at RDP:

Creating a Five Year Research Plan

A five year research plan is a document that maps out your scholarly activity year by year in the context of your teaching and service responsibilities, allowing you to determine workload and funding needs. Below are some resources to help you get started with creating a five year research plan: