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Counselling Services


Counselling Services

Counselling services and supports are inclusive, confidential, and available to all Red Deer Polytechnic students free of charge.

SGBV Policy and Response Procedure

RDP's Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Policy and Response Procedure


Disclosures and Reports of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

  • Disclosures of SGBV
    • When a person discloses an instance of sexual and gender-based violence to someone, they are informing that individual of the experience in order to obtain helpful supports. A disclosure is not a formal report.
  • Reports of SGBV
    • When a person reports an incident of sexual and gender-based violence, they are choosing to proceed in a more formal fashion in which interim measures and investigations are possible.
      • Examples of Barriers to Reporting
        • Feelings of embarrassment, shame, fear, and guilt.
        • Fear of disbelief from others. 
        • Fear of ostracization or rejection.
        • Manipulation or coercion from the perpetrator.
        • Dependence on the perpetrator.
        • Limited understanding of what has occurred.
        • Limited knowledge of how to report and/or who to report to.


RDP Confidence Line for Anonymous Reporting of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

RDP has recently launched an anonymous Confidence Line to provide an additional option to students for anonymous reporting of sexual and gender-based violence.

To access this service, select one of the following options: 

  1. Call 1-800-661-9675 to speak with a live agent.

  2. Go to to enter a report online.